Fixed & DOOH

  • 3D led display in Armenia

    Product Model:Fixed & DOOH P3.9
    Project info:10m W x 3m H, 30㎡
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  • Curved Billboard LED display for Mantra Epping Hotel in Australia

    Product Model:Fixed & DOOH P10
    Project info:24m W x 4m H, 96㎡
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  • Mobile truck LED display for Optus in Australia

    Product Model:Fixed & DOOH P5
    Project info:3.52m W x 1.76m H x 8 PCS, total 49.5616㎡
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  • Double sided LED Pylon for Stafford city shopping centre in Australia

    Product Model:Fixed & DOOH P6.67
    Project info:2.56m W x 4.160m H x 2 sides, 21.2992㎡
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  • Billboard LED display for Jocky Plaza shopping mall in Peru

    Product Model:Fixed & DOOH P10
    Project info:18m W x 6m H, 108㎡
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  • LED Totem in France

    Product Model:Fixed & DOOH P3
    Project info:Display size: 1152mm W x 1728mm H x 50 PCS, total 99.53㎡
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  • Transparent LED display for retail in France

    Product Model:Product Model: Transparent led display-Front Window shopX
    Project info:P3.9-7.81-high brightness 3.5m W x 2m H, 7㎡
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  • LED strip display for building facade in Indonesia

    Product Model:Transparent led display-Building stripX-Building strip 31.25
    Project info:120m W x 10m H, 1200㎡
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Our professional creative LED displays, manufactured with precision in China, stand out as exemplars of cutting-edge technology and artistic brilliance, offering a myriad of advantages and distinctive features across diverse global projects:

  1. Immersive 3D Experience (Armenia):
    • Advantage: Unprecedented 3D visual experience.
    • Feature: Seamless integration of technology and artistry for captivating displays.
  2. Iconic Curved Billboard (Australia):
    • Advantage: Iconic presence in the skyline.
    • Feature: Vibrant visuals seamlessly integrated into the environment.
  3. Innovative Mobile Truck Display (Australia):
    • Advantage: On-the-move visibility and impact.
    • Feature: Innovative design for maximum flexibility and engagement.
  4. Striking Double-sided LED Pylon (Australia):
    • Advantage: Elevated branding presence in retail.
    • Feature: Striking design with double-sided visibility for a powerful impact.
  5. Expansive Billboard Clarity (Peru):
    • Advantage: Unmatched clarity and vibrancy.
    • Feature: Expansive display making a lasting statement in a bustling shopping environment.
  6. Dynamic LED Totem (France):
    • Advantage: Captivating hubs of information and entertainment.
    • Feature: Dynamic design for transforming spaces into engaging environments.
  7. Futuristic Transparent LED Display (France):
    • Advantage: Redefining retail experiences with enhanced visibility.
    • Feature: High brightness and transparency for a futuristic shopping atmosphere.
  8. Architectural Transformation (Indonesia):
    • Advantage: Massive display turning building facades into dynamic canvases.
    • Feature: Cutting-edge transparent LED display for architectural innovation.

In summary, our LED displays not only showcase advanced technological features but also incorporate artistic elements, offering advantages such as immersive experiences, iconic presence, flexibility, clarity, and dynamic designs. These displays transcend the conventional, making them the preferred choice for impactful visual communication globally.