CustomX LED Display

Product Overview:

Custom LED display is a type of led screens customized to be any shapes and sizes. It can be a powerful tool for businesses, organizations, and individuals looking to get their message across in a visually striking way.

With CustomX series creative led screen lightweight and ability to curve, bend, fold and attach to virtually any metal surface makes it perfect for those installations that call for a non-traditional LED solution.

Custom led display can be built to any shapes you want, like CUBE, dome, logo signs, arched led screens, triangle and any other custom build shapes and sizes.

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Worth LED is a professional custom led screen manufacturer in China, we specialize in providing complete custom LED display solutions with over 10 years. Most importantly, creative led displays help get more traffics for your business and engaging your customers in an ultimate way. 

Features of Custom LED Display Design

The flexible led modules are easily build for convex and concave curves, thanks to its high flexible silicon rubber module.

The silicon rubber led module designed with magnetic mounts, along with screw ports, allow for attached to any metal surface. all parts can be accessed and replaced from front.

Creating wave shape led screen, cylinder and any angles and curves.

The flexible led modules also can be custom built to any custom sizing and custom frames to create any custom shapes you want, like CUBE, dome, company logo signs, arched led screens, triangle, etc for indoor and outdoor applications.

Custom LED screens requires rich experience and expertise to bring your job to life. Worth LED dedicated to this special sector for a long time, we got the experiences and expertise to make your imagination into reality.

The rubber module is thin and super light weight, can be attached to any mental surface. 

Advantages of Custom led screen

  • Custom led screen save space and be easy to use, design colorful patterns according to customer needs, highlighting the unique personality of customers.
  • LED special-shaped screen customization can be designed according to the actual scene of customers.
  • Reasonable size, to ensure the placement structure of the LED special-shaped screen; it can improve the durability of the LED special-shaped screen, making it more convenient to maintain.
  • Improve the precision of the LED special-shaped screen to achieve customized LED that is more in line with the actual needs of customers Shaped screen.
  • Highest quality can be curved/bended attached to any possible shapes.

Process of Custom LED Display

【Preparation of project technical documents】 → 【quotations】 → 【technical support】 → 【design proposals】 → 【material procurement】 → 【manufacturing】 → 【quality inspection】 → 【installation and commissioning】 → 【after-sales service】

Types of Custom Shape LED Display

Letter shaped led display is the most common creative led screen and can be customized to be any shapes and sizes for indoor or outdoor use. For instance, customizing a led display exactly the same shape and size to your company logo, is that cool? Company logo led display customized to be any shape or size, making them ideal for creating unique branding opportunities.

An arched LED display is a type of LED screen that is designed in an arched or curved shape. for example, special shape and size to fit with church window, casino etc.

Sphere LED display is a circular led display with 360 degree viewing angle. One advantage of sphere LED displays is that they can be viewed from multiple angles, making them ideal for use in public spaces or events. It offers the opportunity to create unique and eye-catching displays that can attract attention and engage audiences.

A cube LED display is a type of three-dimensional display that uses multiple LED panels arranged in a cubic shape to create a visually stunning display. The LEDs are programmed to display various colors and images, which are then projected onto the panels to create a 3D effect. Cube LED displays are often used in advertising, trade shows, and other events where an eye-catching and interactive display is desired. They can also be used for artistic installations and as part of architectural lighting designs. Some cube LED displays can be programmed to respond to sound, motion, and other environmental factors, making them even more dynamic and engaging.

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Application Fields of Custom LED Screen

  • Retail
  • Hospitality
  • Corporate
  • Lobby
  • Shopping mall
  • Exhibition
  • Casino

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What to consider when choose Custom Led Display?

Custom led display is a type of led screens customized to be any shapes and sizes. Firstly, you need to identify your projects is for outdoor or indoor use? Outdoor LED displays and indoor LED displays designed to meet different requirements and environmental conditions, and therefore, they have several differences. Secondly, knowing what types of custom led screens meet your business is key. Most importantly, creative led displays help get more traffics for your business and engaging your customers in an ultimate way.

What Are The Differences Between Outdoor Custom Led Display And Indoor Custom Led Display?

Outdoor custom LED displays and indoor custom LED displays designed to meet different requirements and environmental conditions, and therefore, they have several differences. Here are some of the main differences between outdoor custom LED screen and indoor custom LED screen:


Customized outdoor led displays are much brighter than indoor LED displays. This is because outdoor displays have to compete with natural sunlight and other outdoor lighting sources, while indoor displays only have to compete with indoor lighting.


Indoor LED displays generally have a higher resolution than outdoor LED displays. This is because indoor displays are viewed from a shorter distance than outdoor displays.

Weather Resistance

Outdoor LED screen designed to be weather-resistant, while indoor LED displays are not. Outdoor displays usually made of materials that can withstand rain, snow, wind, and extreme temperatures.

Design & Cost

Outdoor custom led screens have a much complicated design compared to indoor built led screens. For example, we need to take brightness, weather resistance into account for outdoor led displays. Therefore, these factors will increase the cost for outdoor led display dramatically. That is to say, for outdoor built led display we need to design different shapes and sizes of PCB boards, masks, bottom case to hold PCB boards, lamps, ICs and other components and waterproof rubber ring inside the LED modules. However, indoor custom led screen only needs to design different types of PCB boards for different shapes and sizes. Therefore, outdoor built led screen are far more expensive compared to indoor creative led display.


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