What Is Creative LED Screen?Most Common Types in 2023

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With the improvement of human living standards and the pursuit of spirituality, people have higher and higher requirements for LED displays. Creative LED display came into being. Creative LED Screen is also called special-shaped screen, which is a new branch of LED display application, with innovation and creativity as the core.

Definition of creative LED display

The creative LED screen is a special-shaped display screen that is cut and transformed on the basis of a conventional rectangular LED screen. It can well adapt to the overall structure of the building and the complex installation environment.

The size and shape of the creative LED screen can be customized according to certain requirements to meet the creative inspiration of the designer, to meet the individual needs of customers, bringing the audience a novel and unique visual experience.In real life, you may see different special-shaped LED display, and the shapes include curved, diamond, spherical, brackets, magic cube, cylinder, etc.

ln a word, it is no doubt a great display you can use to attract the eyes of the customers so to propagandize your events better, but also brings more functions compared with traditional ones.

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Common types of creative LED display

1: 3D smart LED display

2: Cube LED display

3: LED display on glass curtain wall

4: Dance Floor LED Display

5: Dot matrix LED display

6: Flexible display

7: Soft LED display

8: LED spherical display

Advantages compared with traditional ones

First, it has an outstanding display capability.

The unique design and colorful content, making it looks like a new type of thing that you can’t often see in daily life, and that will arise the attention of people including your targeted customer group once they noticed it. And because of the vivid and interesting presenting method, the content on it will be read more carefully.

Having a creative LED display will let your targeted audiences have such an idea that you have invested in the project quite a few, so you have a reliable business with adequate capital or a committed activity starter, though it is not as expensive as other think.

Second, creative LED displays can make your design concept prominent.

For each creative display project, there should be careful listening and sufficient communication for the custom LED product. Then through these innovative media technologies and manifestation, the concept behind it can be delivered in visualization, fully demonstrated personality and cultural characteristics.

Third, creative LED screens can be a presentation of urban landmarks.

It can be built based on the landscape, architecture and symbols of cities. From the artistic and aesthetic point of view, this LED display can integrate with buildings perfectly to beautify the ambient.

Contact us to purchase creative LED display

With its unique personality, creative LED display has been in the industry for more than 10 years. Now the arrival of the era of personalization just brings a new vitality to creative LED display, making creative LED display more vivid and charming. If you have any questions about creative LED display, you can contact us directly.

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