Led Display for Hospitality

Hospitality is all about striving for the best-in-class guest experiences. From Hotel lobbies to pubs and casinos, led screens play a vital factor in hospitality environment.

Impactful first impression

When you enter the gate of a hotel, a welcome led screen on the roof of the Hotel or in front of the reception. which give guests a impactful first impression. Guests can check some important information such as food and beverages, recreation, and coming meetings or events. Remember hospitality is all about guest experiences, so a welcome led screen play an important role and leave a strong impactful first impressions to guests. 

Impactful first impression 02

LED screens for sports

People love sports. People love to watch sports together and support their home team. A LED sports screen it’s like a giant TV where guests can watch different sports live on the big TV while enjoying the beers. The atmosphere is incredible and give guests an unbelievable guest experiences. This will generate loyal customers and keep guests coming back to your hotel or bar time and time again for the ultimate guest experiences that sports LED screens offer them.

LED screens for sports 03

LED Screens for Casino

Wherever there’s guests in a large space, LED screens can be invaluable. In casinos, LED screens can help drive traffic through the building and inform guests about special events. we supplied 3 x custom led screens and 12 x portrait high resolution led screens for Casino de Royat in France. As you enter the gate of this premier casino, these led screens pop into your eyes and give you an unbelievable visual feast, you can check the coming events schedule, sports and news feed on the led screens. Worth custom led screens provide cutting edge custom led screens to make your space stand out and guests engaged.

LED Screens for Casino 04

LED display for pubs

An exterior LED display outside the pubs is a way finding signage which gives direction for audiences to find your business, such as parking. it also gives information about what beverage offered inside the pub. An interior led display inside the pubs can be used as a big TV, a sports TV, people enjoy their beers and watching excited sports. Pubs are all about guest experiences, these exciting elements keep customers come again and again.

LED display for pubs 01

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