about us

Who we are?

Worth LED is a trustworthy LED display supplier since 2014. Worth LED’s displays cover a wide range of Fixed & DOOH, commercial & professional LED screens, creative & custom led screens, Ultra-high definition led screens, LED screen Rental, Transparent led display and led screens for sports.

We select the best possible raw materials and use cutting edge production line to produce the highest possible quality LED Screens in China.

Our top priority is our customers, because they are the reasons why we’re in the LED screens business. 

We treat you(our customers) with integrity and 100% transparency. 

You always got what you paid for and we deliver what we promised.  

300+ worldwide LED screens projects installed in all industries.

Who we are

What we do?

Whether you’re looking to buy a billboard led display for fixed installation and DOOH, A LED screen video wall for corporate , hospitality, retail, church and Casino markets, A rental LED screen for Event or a custom and flexible LED screen for a unique shape , Worth LED have the solution.

Professional team with 12 years industry experience and 300+ successful cases in 30+ countries speak for it.

Delivering second to none quality LED screens is what we do.

We supplied 3 x custom led screens and 12 x portrait high resolution led screens for Casino de Royat in France.

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Why Worth LED?

Why do so many customers trust and choose Worth LED from our competitors?

Our 300+ successful cases in 30+ countries speak for it.

Let’s hear what the customer say about us and how we collaborated on this hospitality LED screens for Mantra epping hotel in Australia.

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